Common Disrepair Related Issues

Water Leaks

Ceiling damaged by water leak at property in Manchester

Water leaks or an ingress of water can cause significant damage if not repaired quickly and can result from rainwater entering the property from an outside source (an ingress of water) and can enter the property through a defective roof, damaged gutter or downpipe, cracks in brick walls or missing mortar, cracked or broken drainage pipes, a lack of or defective damp proof course or through defective or rotten doors or damage to windows allowing water to get into and cause damage to the property.

Water can also escape from internal pipework or fittings such as water mains supply or waste pipes connected to sinks, toilets, baths or showers, some of which may be hidden below floors, in walls or ceilings and may even be leaking from a neighboring flat or property. Central heating systems and radiators are also a common cause of water leaks.

You should inform your landlord to investigate urgently if you notice any damp patches or suspect water escapes or ingresses of water into your home. A failure by your landlord to repair these types of water leaks within a reasonable period of time can result in damp and mould and can lead to a number of health related issues for you and your family such as coughs and colds, asthma, flu like symptoms or skin rashes.

Your landlord is legally liable to repair these types of defects within a reasonable period of time. What is reasonable will depend on the severity of the issue and our friendly legal advisors are on hand to provide further advice and support in relation to your potential right to claim compensation.

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Defective Central Heating System

Your landlord is obliged to ensure that the heating and hot water system remains in good repair and to ensure the boiler is checked and a gas safety certificate is produced at least annually. If you have reported a fault and you have no hot water or heating, depending on certain circumstances, your landlord is most likely expected to fix the problem within just a few days failing which you may be entitled to claim compensation as a result of your landlord’s failure to comply with its legal obligations.

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Is your Property Suffering from Damp?

Rising or penetrating damp are common problems in older and poorly maintained properties and can be caused by a defective or nonexistent damp proof course. However, damp may also be caused by leaking pipes or rainwater ingress into a property due to a defective roof or damage to window or door frames. If you are suffering from damp and have reported these issues to your landlord and your landlord has failed to carry out adequate repairs within a reasonable period of time, we may be able to help you obtain compensation and ensure that the property is repaired properly and swiftly.

Can Damp and Mould Affect your Health?

Wall effected by damp at Manchester house

Yes it can and commonly does. The NHS advise that you are more likely to suffer from respiratory problems, infections, allergies and asthma if you have damp and mould in your home and that it can also affect your immune system.

Some people are more sensitive than others with babies and children, elderly people, people suffering with skin conditions such as eczema, asthma and those with weakened immune systems being particularly sensitive.

Mould produces allergens, irritants and sometimes toxic substances that can cause allergic reactions like sneezing, runny nose, eye and skin rashes and asthma attacks.

We appreciate that you may be reluctant to claim against your landlord but rest assured that your landlord is fully aware of its legal obligations and will understand that you are legally entitled to seek compensation as a result of a landlord’s failure to fall foul of its legal obligations.

We know how landlords work, we understand the maintenance and repair processes adopted by many social landlords and we know that sometimes landlords get it wrong and tenants can be let down and suffer as a consequence. Let our specialist housing team deal directly with the landlord on your behalf and ensure that the property is repaired and you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

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Pests and Vermin Infestation

Rat crawling over plates on kitchen sink

Your landlord is legally obliged to ensure that your property is adequately maintained. Pests and vermin infestation can be a health and safety hazard and this may be the responsibility of the landlord if it was caused by a disrepair issue such as the landlord failing to repair a hole in the building or if the vermin was present when you commenced the tenancy.

It is important to report the issue to the landlord and ensure you keep records of letters, texts and emails between you and your landlord and note details of the time and date of any telephone or face to face discussions with your landlord. Any photographic evidence you can obtain will assist your case.

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