Reading mum says mould-ridden home is making her son sick

14/08/19Reading mum says mould-ridden home is making her son sick
A mum of four claims her home which is plagued by damp and mouldy is making her son sick.
Tzadeekwah Freeland, 33, says the problems at the home in Whitley, managed by Affinity Housing, are exacerbating her nine-year-old son's health issues.
He suffers from a severe case of atopic eczema and asthma as well as stomach problems.
The family moved from a privately-rented flat due to mould, but he is suffering even more at their new home in Staverton Road.
Miss Freeland said: "My son is getting worse, he is dealing with agony in the night because of it.
"We moved to this property on medical grounds from our privately rented flat and it was nowhere as bad as this property.

"I have four children in a two bedroom house, and one of them is getting ill from it.
"It's just getting so bad."
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